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The decision to buy a house is the biggest financial decision that most people ever make. However it is more than a financial decision, just as a house is more than bricks and mortar. Once you have decided to buy a house, or sell a house and move on, you also need to decide who it is that can best assist you in making it all happen.

To make it happen you will need to deal with a diverse group of people with competing interests; including real estate agents, Banks or mortgage brokers and property and pest consultants. The people that you are buying from (or selling to) can and often will have different objectives and intentions than you.

It is often assumed that the law associated with the buying and selling of houses is simple, that the process is straightforward, and that anyone can do it. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Coordinating the various parties who will be involved in your house purchase or sale, requires an understanding of the law, experience in the field of conveyancing and a commitment to protecting your interests. The art of running an effective conveyancing practice, is in seamlessly coordinating all the factors associated with and involved in the purchase or sale of your house in the time allowed for in the relevant contact, and ensuring that above all your interests prevail. Half the skill is in being able to anticipate problems before they arise and solve them as soon as they do. If it is done efficiently and effectively, as we do it at Gabbedy Milson Lee, it probably does look easy.

At Gabbedy Milson Lee, Nigel Gabbedy oversees the work of our experienced conveyancing paralegal, Angela Beer. Our commitment to you is to protect your interests at every step of the process, to ensure that you are fully informed as to what is going on, and that you understand each stage of the conveyance.

We have years of experience in property transactions in both the ACT and NSW and would be happy to assist you and your family with:

  • Your purchase of residential or commercial property in either the ACT or NSW
  • Your sale of residential or commercial property in either the ACT or NSW
  • Refinancing associated with your residential or commercial property
  • Arranging gifts of property or unscrambling the stamp duty consequences associated with a gift of property
  • Any other conveyancing matter

You will find our fees are competitive and we are always happy to quote our costs prior to accepting instructions to act on your behalf. Our costs are fixed costs and are only payable on the settlement of your sale or purchase.

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