Gabbedy Milson Lee


Angela Beer


Office/Accounts Manager & Conveyancing Paralegal

The firm would not run without Angela. Full stop.

Angela has been running this show for over 15 years and we pray it will be for over 15 more. She is indispensable.

Ange is our “smooth operator”. Ange’s calm and gentle manner assures every task she is set is managed without fuss or bother. A country girl from Cooma she knows how to work and that is hard. She is not one to stop.

You will have the pleasure of meeting Ange when it comes time to pay your bill. Believe us, meeting this delightful girl will make that little ordeal all the much better!

And as if Ange doesn’t have enough to do keeping the rest of us and our computers in order, Ange is without doubt one of Canberra’s best conveyancing paralegals. She knows her stuff…she ought to, she’s been doing it for almost 30 years.

Ange will handle the day-to day running of your conveyancing matter with us and she is your first point of contact should you have any enquiry as to how your conveyance is progressing. Don’t bother to ask Nigel, he just provides the good legal advice at the start of your conveyance, it’s our Ange who does the leg work!

Outside of work, Ange enjoys spending time with her family and has embraced her country roots and is in the process of setting up a farm. This little “old Mrs McDonald” has 30 sheep (who’s counting), 2 Llapacas, 3 Horses, one of which is a touch cranky (admittedly the horses may not have been her best idea at her age), 3 dogs including a Jack Russell and a cat (not the preferred housemate of the Jack Russell).

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