Gabbedy Milson Lee


Dai Lee


Partner & Family Lawyer

An avid coin collector, Dai has the first cent he ever earned, or has at least written down where it went. Don’t believe us, just ask him. Better still, get him to look after your property settlement, you can be guaranteed you will receive every cent to which you are lawfully entitled if Dai has any say it in.

Dai has been with the firm since 2002 and unlikely to ever leave whilst we continue to feed him. His gentle, calm and caring nature means he is perfect in his role as a Family Lawyer. He is unflappable. He is a dark horse and likes to keep his opponents guessing.

Dai adores children and has three beautiful children of his own. Dai understands acutely what is required to ensure children are properly cared for into the future following the breakdown of their parents’ marriage. Dai will work closely with you to ensure the best possible outcome for your family as a whole.

Dai also has considerable experience in criminal law and child protection matters.

Dai’s hobbies include finding bargains at Aldi, saving money, finding coins, saving money, enjoying lunch with friends at their expense, and saving money. Dai speaks Korean and some Japanese. And if that’s not all he has a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Applied Science and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

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